Wombathaven Minecraft is shutting down…. kinda.

Unfortunately due to lack of players and features Wombathaven Minecraft is going to shut down. It’s not all bad though! I will be leasing part of my server’s resources to the Minesmash Network. Personally, I see this as beneficial

Website: https://www.minesmash.net/

Join: play.minesmash.net

If you would like a world download just shoot me an email.

Minesmash is a valued client and partner of Wombathaven Open Source Technology Consulting and I am glad to help out!

Holiday Special: Mailcow: Dockerized installation + 30 day support for $7.99 (25% off)

Mailcow: Dockerized is a fast, secure, multi-domain enterprise mail server solution that is user and administrator friendly! It comes packaged with anti-spam, anti-virus, DNS tools, storage quotas, SOgo Webmail, and more! It also can be customized with your company logo!

For DNS (domain setup) you can follow my instructions or you can give me (temporary) access to your domain account. (i.e. GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc..) to setup DKIM, SPF, MX, and DMARC records.

Due to how Mailcow works, your email will be username@mail.yourdomain.tld. If you do not want that it is easy to set up a alias so you can just have username@yordomain.tld! Just let me know if you would like that before or during DNS setup.

If Webmail isn’t your thing I can help you set up email client software on your devices. I support the G-Mail app (IOS+Android), K-9 Mail (Android), Apple Mail (IOS + MacOS) and Thunderbird (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and set it to use the alias (identity) of your choice.

Wombathaven will give back 35% of each purchase to the Mailcow project. Let me know if you would like to register for their optional Stay-Awesome-Licence (SAL) to show your support! It will be purchased with the give back fund so it wont cost you anything extra (unless you want to donate extra)

Transfer (almost) Complete!

The transfer to the new host is almost complete! I have decided to reset the website for the most part due to Database post issues. I will upload the old site later. The new email domain is mail.wombathaven.org but you can use the same address as before since there is an alias set up. If I do not get back to you please try sending using the new domain. Also please note the website is now https://www.wombathaven.org/

Everything has been reset and some things may need to be re-set up.

This VPS has the benefit of having double the RAM and more storage, Therefore allowing for better faster services. Big thanks to our VPS provider Elixirnode for offering such a great service at such a great price!