Three Keys to Creating a Kick-butt Media List to Jump-start Your Publicity

Started by jahanir, Jun 22, 2020, 05:41 am

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Whenever I consult with clients about creating an effective publicity campaign, I always stress the importance of having a well-crafted strategy. However, a great strategy alone is not enough. To be successful in getting publicity for your company, you must also have a strong media list. FRENCH FAX BROADCAST LIST[/b]

A media list is a customized and carefully researched list of media professionals (including reporters, producers, and editors) whose job it is to cover stories that are related to your industry, expertise or target market.

For instance, if you are an expert in consumer affairs, build your media list to include reporters, journalists and editors who cover consumer affairs-not those who deal with gourmet cooking, literacy or film. Likewise, if you are a financial advisor, you wouldn't create a media list that includes reporters who cover the police beat. Instead, contact those in business or finance or maybe even lifestyle.

Many publicity do-it-yourselfers naively put any and everyone in the media on their list, without much thought as to whether or not that person has an audience for that particular message. Big mistake. Instead, use these three keys to create a kick-butt list that will jump-start your publicity: